Why You Should Be Doing Mobile Marketing

Recent research by emarketer.com showed that mobile use among U.S. adults is rapidly rising, with Americans spending one hour and 22 minutes every day on their mobile devices, up 34% from the previous year:


Mobile marketing strategies have evolved with the technology, and the use of complex mobile data has enabled marketers to deliver relevant messaging to consumers in a more personalized fashion than ever before.  The three primary strategies for mobile marketing today include:

Location-based ads – delivering relevant ads based on a customer’s location.

Customer loyalty offers – apps that trigger personalized offers based on the consumer’s actions via the app.

Games – large brands like Starbucks include games in their apps to keep customers engaged.

With more than 75% of the world’s population having access to mobile devices, the marketer that takes advantage of this exceptional technology gains an important competitive advantage.

6 Savvy Mobile Marketing Practices

iphonesMobile marketing now outranks online advertising as a way to market to consumers; here are 6 savvy mobile marketing practices you should be considering as part of your dealership marketing strategy:

Have a mobile-optimized website.   If your website is not optimized for viewing on a mobile device, you are losing more prospects every day as the majority of smartphone owners use their mobile devices for local search for products and services.

Make messaging relevant.  Don’t ever send a message to a customer without a good reason.  Email from companies need to be useful and relevant, not random and annoying.

Keep on top of technology.  Changes in technology can have a significant effect on your customer base.  Companies that use advanced technology like an automotive marketing CRM system stay ahead of competitors.

Give sharing options.  Make sure you include social media sharing buttons on all your mobile messages as well as an option for recipients to share via email.  This will help you spread the word about your offer.

Use texting.  Texting is now widespread enough to be considered a new marketing medium.  Communicating with customers via text allows you to share time-sensitive material like daily promotions with prospects and current customers.

Use email.  Be sure your emails are mobile friendly, include direct clicks to your phone number and include links to mobile-optimized websites.  A majority of mobile users check email more often on their mobile device that they do on a PC.

Leveraging Dayparting in Your Mobile Strategy

sunMobile marketing allows dealers to take advantage of dayparting – delivering marketing messages during precise times – but doing so effectively requires a good understanding of how customers prefer to engage with your business.

To get to that understanding requires a deeper analysis of customer data to present the right message at the right time.  For example, if you have an intelligent customer database that can alert you when customers are most likely to be thinking about a new car purchase, you can send marketing messaging around free test drives on a weekend.  Sending the same message during the week will not likely result in much traffic since not many people are able to do test drives during a weekday.

As with other forms of media, there are different times of the day that appeal best to different audiences.  With a system that helps identify opportunities for service – pinpointing those customers who are overdue for an oil change or other service – dealers can send a morning message with an incentive to get the customer to drop their car off before work for service.

Dayparting not only enables marketers to deliver a timely message but also to maximize media value and effectiveness.  Reaching mobile users at the right time with an offer can be a powerful way to drive traffic and increase sales.