Yahoo Seeks to Patent Social Influence-Based Ads

social network 3Yahoo has filed a patent that details how the company may seek to charge advertisers based on a viewer’s social influence on the Internet.

According to the patent filing, social influence may be measured by the number of followers contacts and mentions a user has as well as the title of the user.  In other words, the more influence a user has, the more an advertiser may need to pay to put their ad in front of that user.

uNotifi has been using Internet influence scoring in its automotive marketing CRM software for more than three years, helping dealers learn more about the segments of their database that will provide them with the best ROI for their marketing spend.

uNotifi identifies and scores dealer customers who are most influential on social websites and the Internet. An Influencer Score is a score from 0 to 100 (100 being most influential) that seeks to measure influence based on an individual’s audience reach, ability to spread ideas, propensity to create ideas, and independence.

Using this information, uNotifi is able to help dealers understand more about their customers and how to more effectively communicate with them to improve response rates as well as incentivize them to broadcast the dealer’s message to their followers and friends.

Turbocharge Service & Sales

couple with carThe uNotifi Communicator brings the latest mobile technologies to your service department so you never miss another opportunity to make a sale or provide exceptional customer service.

Research shows that 75% of service department inbound calls are customers calling about the status of their vehicles.  Of those inbound calls, 35% are dropped, resulting in unhappy customers and a missed opportunity for additional sales.

With uNotifi Communicator, your service advisors will never experience these inefficiencies that can comprise their effectiveness again!

Delighting Customers One Text at a Time

This innovative application was designed specifically to allow service advisors to notify customers in real time about when their car is ready, when that special order part has arrived or if customer approval is needed for additional service.

Using uNotifi Communicator, service advisors can text a customer about the status of their vehicle repair or request approval for any additional service.  The customer can respond immediately, with no time wasted playing telephone-tag.

Messaging That Means More Money

Another powerful component of the uNotifi Communicator is the Opportunities feature – a daily work plan for service advisors and your sales department that displays sales opportunities in the Communicator Dashboard (service past due, service contract expiration, etc.) so texts can be sent to individual customers, resulting in increased service sales on a daily basis.

In addition, the uNotifi Communicator provides service advisors with a text alert when a customer walks into the dealership, enabling them to greet the customer and engage them about any other vehicle service needs.

uNotifi Communicator turns text messages into turbochargers for service department efficiency while increasing sales and customer loyalty.

Let us show you how your dealership or service department can benefit from implementing uNotifi’s automotive marketing software system.  Simply fill out the form below and we’ll respond promptly.

Mobile Marketing

iphone verticalResearch shows that in less than five years, mobile users will exceed computer users. What this means is more customers will be using mobile devices to do what they do via desktop or laptop computing today.

uNotifi’s system allows dealers and service centers to include coupons in emails and text messages typically sent to customers to remind them of necessary scheduled service for their vehicle.  When the customer clicks on the coupon, it is automatically downloaded to a free iPhone app provided to them by the dealer.  The app allows a customer to schedule an appointment on their phone, and the dealer receives the appointment with the coupon already embedded.  The appointment is automatically added to the customer’s iPhone calendar as well.

Customers are adopting different ways to communicate — by using uNotifi, dealers will have the capability to keep up with customers wherever they go through whatever technology platforms they use to communicate.

Customer Appreciation Rewards System (CARS)

gift bowuNotifi’s Customer Appreciation Rewards System (CARS) is a points and rewards system that is delivered through a customer’s Personal Information Page (PIP) that we customize exclusively for your dealership.  This becomes a rich portal for you to communicate directly with your customers, offering them rewards and providing notifications of service needed or parts delivery.

Similar to traditional reward type programs, customers are rewarded for certain actions, like referring a friend or making a purchase at the dealer. These accumulated points can be used toward the purchase of parts and accessories or service. Through the use of technology, there are no cards to carry or receipts to keep track of – the process is simple, engaging, and easy to use.

uNotifi creates a Personalized Information Page for every customer in your data base. This valuable tool for your customer allows them to easily update their vehicle mileage, check their service history, read their dealership communications, save their dealership coupons and view service and maintenance videos.

uNotifi’s Personal Information Page is available to your customers 24/7 on their PC or through our exclusive iPhone App, giving the customer all the information they need, when they need it, any time day or night.

SMS Notifications

face on laptop

75% of the calls to your dealership service department are regarding the status of their vehicle and 35% of those calls are dropped. How do you solve this situation?

uNotifi’s automatic two-way texting system will save your dealership staff hours and hours of unproductive phone time. As soon as the customer’s service is complete, our system will automatically notify them, saving you and the customer valuable time. You can even customize your message to customers to include information like, “Your car is being washed”.

The uNotifi system works with your program in real time. As soon as the R.O. is pre-invoiced, our system will pick up the data and notify the customer. The more you can communicate with the customer in a manner that is convenient for them, the more likely they are to score you higher in your surveys, and most importantly, continue to do service with you.

Personalized Information Page (PiP)


Customer Retention is about creating loyal customers. Using coupons, discounts and providing great customer service will bring customers back to you, but giving them more reasons to utilize you — and only you — takes more than coupons.

uNotifi’s CARS program (Customer Appreciation Rewards System) will allow you to move to more than just coupons for customer loyalty. Customers value the points they’ve earned and don’t want to lose them. Having an easy to use and easy to manage point system will keep your customers coming back to you.

uNotifi helps dealers manage customer relations through a Personalized Information Page (PiP) that provides customers with access to all the service history records for their vehicle.

The PiP is available to your customers 24/7 via the Internet, widget or as an iPhone application. At a glance, customers will be able to see what vehicles are due for maintenance and what key services – tires, battery, brakes, maintenance – require immediate attention.

The PiP is feature-rich and allows customers to make an appointment, access interactive and mobile coupons, update their vehicle mileage, get directions to the dealer from their current location, select their preferred communication method, and much more.

uNotifi’s system requires no effort from the dealership staff. It runs seamlessly behind the scenes and deposit the allocated points into the customer’s system. Points can be used for future service or can be applied as a dollar amount toward a new vehicle purchase.

Social Networking

social network 2The advertising and marketing landscape has shifted from online media to conversations with customers. Instead of the usual “ready, aim, fire” approach, uNotifi takes the approach of learning more about an individual customer’s likes and dislikes.

In addition, uNotifi identifies and scores those customers who are most influential on social web sites and the Internet. An Influencer Score is a score from 0 to 100 (100 being most influential) that seeks to measure influence based on an individual’s audience reach, ability to spread ideas, propensity to create ideas, and independence.

Because we segment and score your customers based on our exclusive Internet Influencer Score, you will know who your Internet Influencers are. We can target those customers with exclusive information and offers like coupons. We also know those customers are more likely to go the extra mile to rate their service, blog about their treatment and pass along good coupons and deals. Using uNotifi, you can now communicate with them in the most effective and best way.

The more we know about your customers, the more effective our messages will be, resulting in a higher response rate.

Interactive Coupons

text messageThere is a tipping point to every deal.  Using uNotifi’s interactive coupons, customers are encouraged to opt-in to activate the promotion to receive the price or promotion.

This makes the experience of shopping a social engagement. The customer experience is it feels “too good to be true,” and there is an inherent fear of loss if the customer doesn’t take advantage of the offer at the time they are engaged.

Customers can also forward offers and coupons to friends and family, either by email, text, or through social media platforms like Facebook. They can also send or save offers and coupons to their mobile phones that are ready to use when needed most – at the dealer.

Targeted Business Intelligence

money targetuNotifi scores each customer to identify your top customers and the least profitable.

To predict customer product preferences and purchasing habits and create the most relevant marketing messages around this information requires a well-planned mix of:

  • Instinctive knowledge acquired from dealer’s customer data
  • An analytical framework that supports fact-based decision-making

Predictive analytics use customer data to provide a forward-looking perspective about the customers and help identify customer segments so the business can better understand customer behavior, thereby gaining the ability to leverage opportunities and build loyalty.

How to Implement a System for Converting Leads and Retaining Customers

texting manDo you have the right system in place for converting leads into customers, and then from paying customers into staying customers?

If the answer is no, you’re not alone.  Many dealers fail to take a systematic approach to lead conversion and client retention.  But you definitely should.

First, you should identify any software needs to assist in automating the process.  The more you can automate this, the lower your costs will be.  CRM software is readily available at a relatively low cost, compared to the expense of doing it manually. Good customer-tracking software can be shared across multiple computers and can generate easily interpreted reports for the dealership’s decision makers.

Secondly, try to automate your follow-up process. Develop follow-up sequences for:

Direct mail – what do you send to prospects and customers?  Postcards? Email?  Letters?  This can be a very labor-intensive process or it can be highly automated. It’s your choice.

Autoresponder emails – Develop a series of email messages to be sent at regularly scheduled intervals that can convey your messaging in a timely manner to your prospects.

Scheduled text alerts – Develop a schedule of text alerts so that business opportunities don’t fall through the cracks.  uNotifi’s CRM system features a daily work plan for service advisors that alerts dealers to sales opportunities (service past due, service contract expiration, etc.) so texts can be sent to individual customers, resulting in increased service sales on a daily basis.

Thirdly, develop rules of engagement for a sales-driven dealership. Some things to identify from the outset are:

What is being said? – Know your key messages about your dealership, as well as information about your prospect’s needs.

Who is saying what? – Who are the principal contacts for prospects?  Is the task shared or centralized?

How often are prospects contacted? – Staying top-of-mind without being obnoxious is a delicate balance.