Digital Dads Highest Users of Mobile Coupons

father and childrenFathers with smartphones are the highest users of mobile coupons, according to a recent Harris Interactive poll.

According to researchers, 58 percent of American dads with smartphones said they have taken action on a coupon or promotional offer they received on their mobile device.  These “Digital Dads” – fathers with children under the age of 18 at home – also say they want to receive promotions via smartphone from merchants.

In addition, the study showed that dads are more likely than moms to take action on a mobile offer and are also more likely to share the offer with friends and family.

Most dads find local mobile offers useful. Four out of five Digital Dads and Mobile Moms said they would find location-based mobile offers at least somewhat useful, with dads having a very slight lead – 81% of dads versus 79% of moms.

Finally, the study found that 55% of dads have a tablet, compared to 39% of moms and just 30% of the total surveyed average.

Using an automotive marketing CRM system like uNotifi allows dealers to append their database with gender and age information and target likely prospects with offers, increasing the redemption rate of promotions and coupons and bringing more business to the dealership.

Intelligent Offers

iphone in pocket

Intelligent offers go hand-in-hand with persistent use of predictive analytics, modeling of customer behavior, and automation of customer data management practices. It is an ongoing process of learning and adjusting offers – the more we learn about customers’ behavior, the better we are able to provide them with relevant offers.

For example:

Customer value driven coupon – provides customers with offers based on their value to the enterprise, e.g., in the case of discounts to a customer, provides a Tier 4 customer a larger discount than a Tier 1 customer. Tier 4 customers tend to be your coupon shoppers and less loyal customers while Tier 1 customers tend to be loyal and frequent visitors and spenders at the dealership.

Tiered offers based on the customer distance from the dealership – offers customers who live further away a larger discount than those who live nearby.

Tiered offers based on response – if a customer does not respond within an expected period of time, a dealer can send them another offer with a deeper discount. For example, a service department’s first offer to a customer may be $29.95 for an OLF. If the customer does not respond within 14 days, another offer at a lower price is sent out.

Automotive Service Centers Capitalize on Mobile Couponing to Capture More Customers

woman reading textAutomotive marketing company uNotifi says that increased mobile couponing by automotive service centers and car dealerships is a trend that is catching on fast with consumers, as reflected by The NPD Group’s Car Care Track® research showing 35 percent of all consumer car care purchases were made using a special price or deal offer.

uNotifi’s system allows dealers and service centers to include coupons in emails and text messages typically sent to customers to remind them of necessary scheduled service for their vehicle.  When the customer clicks on the coupon, it is automatically downloaded to a free iPhone app provided to them by the dealer.  The app allows a customer to schedule an appointment on their phone, and the dealer receives the appointment with the coupon already embedded.  The appointment is automatically added to the customer’s iPhone calendar as well.

“Mobile marketing is working well for car service centers because it is a non-intrusive technology that allows the customer to have total control over their communication with the dealer,” said Fred van der Neut, uNotifi founder.  “Mobile couponing is totally green, and is immediately at hand when needed.  Our dealers have found that customers are increasingly demanding bargain-priced services, and mobile couponing allows them to offer these without having to spend money on print marketing and couponing.”

In early June, email marketing services company Litmus announced the results of a study it undertook of the company’s aggregated email analytics (1 billion+ emails delivered), reporting that mobile has now overtaken desktop and webmail in platforms used to open emails.  Litmus found an 80% increase in just six months for email opens on mobile devices – of all email opens on a mobile device, 79 percent were on an iPhone or iPad.

Van der Neut said that another advantage of the uNotifi system is that it enables car care mobile coupons to be shared on social media sites in addition to email.