How Data-Driven Email Marketing Yields Better Results

email2According to research by Ascena Retail Group, data-driven “triggered” email campaigns have been shown to deliver:

  • 70% increase in unique open rates
  • 55% increase in unique click-through rates
  • 300% increase in dollars per email delivered
  • 225% increase in conversion rate

With numbers like these, why would any marketer ignore the use of customer data to drive such significant improvements in their email marketing?

There are four key types of customer data that can help you improve your email marketing results:

  1. How customers interact with your emails – where they are clicking, which links they open, conversion rates, etc.
  2. How customers interact with your website – for example, if someone has been visiting your site to check out a particular car model, you can offer then a free test drive of that model.
  3. What customers have purchased from you in the past.
  4. User profile data – location, age, gender, etc. – for baseline targeting.

Marketers need to realize that customer data collection is not a “set it and forget it” proposition; marketers must constantly refresh the data to keep it relevant.  An automotive marketing CRM system can help dealers collect and apply customer data on a continual basis to make significant improvements in dealership marketing efforts.

How to Make Your Emails Mobile-Friendly

texting manEmail marketing services company Litmus took an in-depth look at their aggregated email analytics (1 billion+ emails delivered) and found that mobile has now overtaken desktop and webmail in overall email opens.

In an amazingly quick turn of events, Litmus found an 80% increase in just six months for email opens on mobile devices. 

What that means: your email marketing better be optimized for mobile devices. Specifically for iPhone and iPad, which dominated with 80% of mobile opens performed on these devices.

Here are some tips for mobilizing your email marketing:

Measurement. Do you know what percentage of your audience is viewing your email on a mobile device? You need to gather that information from your email open analytics; if you have uNotifi CRM software, that data is automatically delivered to your desktop.

Subject line. Mobile devices usually cut the subject line to 15 characters, so be precise!

Intro. Your first paragraph of content is prime real estate when it comes to viewing on a mobile device, so maximize your messaging here.

Content. Make it short, concise, clear, brief and with an articulate call to action.

Timing. Studies show most people view email on their mobile devices toward the end of the week – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Customers are adopting different ways to communicate — by using uNotifi, dealers will have the capability to keep up with customers wherever they go, on whatever technology platforms they use to communicate.

Texting Now #1 Form of Communication: 3 Rules for Using It for Business

text messageAccording to the Mobile Marketing Association, texting is now the most used form of consumer communication – not surprising when you consider that mobile device sales exceeded PC sales over two years ago and has only been growing.

Texting can be a powerful means of connecting with customers, too, if you know how to use it right for business; here are 3 rules to follow:

1.  Know your target market.  Texting works best when it is permission-based and provides prospects with something of value that they want or need.  Before you start texting to your database, you need to segment it and tailor the communication to the customer.

2.  Make it personal.  Batch messaging is a thing of the past; SMS messaging has a far greater impact if it is personalized and contains relevant content.

3.  Tie in to other platforms.  Tie your messaging in to other platforms where your customers are – social media, email, etc. – since consumers access multiple platforms every day.  This way, you can “touch” them more than just once with the same message.

An automotive marketing CRM system helps you segment your customer database by his or her preferences, and provides you with the ability to deliver personalized, targeted messaging to each customer’s mobile device.

uNotifi’s automotive marketing CRM software helps dealers gain a deeper understanding of their customers and target relevant marketing messages directly to them, utilizing the technologies they prefer. It is marketing on the customer’s terms, and the dealer who engages in this form of new marketing will reap the rewards.

CRM-Driven Personalized Emails Perform Better Than Bulk Emails

Personalized promotional and triggered emails deliver stronger open and click rates than their non-personalized counterparts, and also generate higher transaction rates and revenue per email, according to Experian Marketing Services in a new study. For promotional mailings, emails with personalized subject lines had an average open rate of 19.5%, compared to 15.1% for those without personalization.


For triggered emails, those with the subject line personalized had an average open rate of 29.2%, about 25% higher than the rate for those without personalization (23.3%).

As for unique click rates, personalized emails outperformed their counterparts for both promotional emails (3.2% vs. 2.3%) and triggered emails (6.7% vs. 4.4%).

The Experian study also finds personalization providing a significant lift in transaction rates and revenue per email:

  • For promotional mailings, transaction rates were 7 times higher (0.35% vs. 0.05%), while for triggered mailings, they were more than twice as large (0.62% vs. 0.25%); and
  • For promotional mailings, revenue per email was more than 6 times higher ($0.26 vs. $0.04), and for triggered messages, they were 63% higher ($0.31 vs. $0.19).

For the automotive sector, uNotifi provides dealers with the ability to deliver personalized messages and offers directly to select segments of a dealer’s customer base via text message and email to promote monthly or seasonal events, weather-related campaigns, factory mandated campaigns or any other service campaigns that a dealership wishes to conduct.