Mobile + Data is a Marketing Game Changer

63% of U.S. Consumers Access the Internet via Mobile Phones

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5 Steps to Implementing Data-Driven Marketing for Dealerships

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Mobile Remains a Largely Untapped Opportunity for Marketers

Adult Use of Social Media at Record High

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The Benefits of Data-Driven Marketing

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How Mobile is Changing Business

How Data-Driven Email Marketing Yields Better Results

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How Mobile Marketing Helps Increase Customer Retention

5 Things You Can Do to Boost Customer Loyalty

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Why You Should Be Doing Mobile Marketing

6 Savvy Mobile Marketing Practices

Leveraging Dayparting in Your Mobile Strategy

The 4 Biggest Misconceptions About Mobile Marketing

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Winning Women Over Through Mobile Marketing

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More Shoppers Going Mobile

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How Mobile Makes Marketing Personal

CRM Key to Building Customer Loyalty

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Digital Dads Highest Users of Mobile Coupons

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Yahoo Seeks to Patent Social Influence-Based Ads

Time Spent On Social Media Marketing Translates Into Sales

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Text Messaging Provides Better Sales Conversion

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One-Third of Americans Now Own a Tablet Computer

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How to Make Your Emails Mobile-Friendly

Nielsen Social Media Report: It’s All About Mobile

The Mobile Consumer and the Impact on Automotive Marketing

A Guide to Mobile Marketing

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Sell More by Making It Personal

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5 Ways Dealers Can Appeal to Mobile Users

Google Study Finds 82% of In-Store Shoppers Use Mobile to Help Make Purchase Decisions

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Use Mobile to Market to Moms

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Tips for Out-Marketing the Competition

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Texting Now #1 Form of Communication: 3 Rules for Using It for Business

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How Marketing Has Gone Mobile

Relationship Building is the New Closing

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How to Implement a System for Converting Leads and Retaining Customers

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CRM-Driven Personalized Emails Perform Better Than Bulk Emails

Top 5 Tools Small Businesses Use to Create Customer Loyalty

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How to Turn Customer Data into Excellent Customer Service

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How Dealers Can Market Smarter with Data-Driven Marketing

3 Ways To Help Customers Buy More From You

uNotifi Brings Mobile Relationship Marketing to Car Dealers, Service Centers

Helping Car Dealers Boost Sales Through Customer Segmentation Technology

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Car Dealerships Using Lifestyle Information to Create Irresistible Offers

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Automotive Service Centers Capitalize on Mobile Couponing to Capture More Customers

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With Free Emails, You Often Get What You Pay For