6 Savvy Mobile Marketing Practices

iphonesMobile marketing now outranks online advertising as a way to market to consumers; here are 6 savvy mobile marketing practices you should be considering as part of your dealership marketing strategy:

Have a mobile-optimized website.   If your website is not optimized for viewing on a mobile device, you are losing more prospects every day as the majority of smartphone owners use their mobile devices for local search for products and services.

Make messaging relevant.  Don’t ever send a message to a customer without a good reason.  Email from companies need to be useful and relevant, not random and annoying.

Keep on top of technology.  Changes in technology can have a significant effect on your customer base.  Companies that use advanced technology like an automotive marketing CRM system stay ahead of competitors.

Give sharing options.  Make sure you include social media sharing buttons on all your mobile messages as well as an option for recipients to share via email.  This will help you spread the word about your offer.

Use texting.  Texting is now widespread enough to be considered a new marketing medium.  Communicating with customers via text allows you to share time-sensitive material like daily promotions with prospects and current customers.

Use email.  Be sure your emails are mobile friendly, include direct clicks to your phone number and include links to mobile-optimized websites.  A majority of mobile users check email more often on their mobile device that they do on a PC.