Yahoo Seeks to Patent Social Influence-Based Ads

social network 3Yahoo has filed a patent that details how the company may seek to charge advertisers based on a viewer’s social influence on the Internet.

According to the patent filing, social influence may be measured by the number of followers contacts and mentions a user has as well as the title of the user.  In other words, the more influence a user has, the more an advertiser may need to pay to put their ad in front of that user.

uNotifi has been using Internet influence scoring in its automotive marketing CRM software for more than three years, helping dealers learn more about the segments of their database that will provide them with the best ROI for their marketing spend.

uNotifi identifies and scores dealer customers who are most influential on social websites and the Internet. An Influencer Score is a score from 0 to 100 (100 being most influential) that seeks to measure influence based on an individual’s audience reach, ability to spread ideas, propensity to create ideas, and independence.

Using this information, uNotifi is able to help dealers understand more about their customers and how to more effectively communicate with them to improve response rates as well as incentivize them to broadcast the dealer’s message to their followers and friends.