Text Messaging Provides Better Sales Conversion

A sales optimization study by Leads360 shows that text messages can make a significant difference in closing deals, yielding conversion gains of more than 100%.

However, knowing when to send a text message is vitally important, since the research showed that sending text messages to a prospect prior to making personal or phone contact actually decreases the likelihood of ever converting the lead by 39%.

The data suggests that texting in business is an earned privilege.  However, as long as text messaging is used responsibly, sales people can send as many text messages as the interaction with prospects requires, and often helps establish a greater rapport with prospects that can lead to better sales conversion rates:

textsThe study also showed that texting by businesses is in its infancy, with less than 1% of those surveyed saying they had received a text from a business contact.  This is clearly an incredible growth opportunity for sales organizations not currently taking advantage of this effective form of communication.

The easiest way to implement text messaging in your sales process is to have an automated system that does this for you.  uNotifi’s automotive marketing CRM system helps you segment your customer database by his or her preferences, and provides you with the ability to deliver personalized, targeted messaging to each customer’s mobile device.