How to Make Your Emails Mobile-Friendly

texting manEmail marketing services company Litmus took an in-depth look at their aggregated email analytics (1 billion+ emails delivered) and found that mobile has now overtaken desktop and webmail in overall email opens.

In an amazingly quick turn of events, Litmus found an 80% increase in just six months for email opens on mobile devices. 

What that means: your email marketing better be optimized for mobile devices. Specifically for iPhone and iPad, which dominated with 80% of mobile opens performed on these devices.

Here are some tips for mobilizing your email marketing:

Measurement. Do you know what percentage of your audience is viewing your email on a mobile device? You need to gather that information from your email open analytics; if you have uNotifi CRM software, that data is automatically delivered to your desktop.

Subject line. Mobile devices usually cut the subject line to 15 characters, so be precise!

Intro. Your first paragraph of content is prime real estate when it comes to viewing on a mobile device, so maximize your messaging here.

Content. Make it short, concise, clear, brief and with an articulate call to action.

Timing. Studies show most people view email on their mobile devices toward the end of the week – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Customers are adopting different ways to communicate — by using uNotifi, dealers will have the capability to keep up with customers wherever they go, on whatever technology platforms they use to communicate.