uNotifi Brings Mobile Relationship Marketing to Car Dealers, Service Centers


Automotive marketing company uNotifi has introduced a Mobile Relationship Marketing program to help car dealers and service centers improve customer retention and boost profitability.

The uNotifi CARS program – Customer Appreciation Rewards System — is entirely mobile-based.  Customers accumulate points based on purchases from a dealer or service center – a new car, a used car, service and maintenance purchases – as well as points for referring friends, making appointments online, and even for scheduling factory maintenance on time.

As they accumulate points, customers can track and redeem points from their smart phones.  Points can also be redeemed for certificates that are as good as cash at a dealership or service center.  Certificates can either be printed or presented to the dealer on a mobile phone.

“The uNotifi CARS program is easy to use, and doesn’t involve cards or coupons so it’s totally green,” said Fred van der Neut, uNotifi founder.  “Dealers are finding this to be an incredibly useful tool in rewarding customers for their loyalty by helping them offset the costs of maintenance and service.  And, since the mobile rewards program incentivizes customers to book appointments online and refer friends, it’s a great low-cost way for dealers and service centers to increase their efficiency in scheduling and marketing.”

According to eMarketer, U.S. consumers spend an average of 65 minutes per day accessing information from their mobile phones, surpassing print media consumption rates.  eMarketer also estimates that there will be 800 million users of mobile social networking worldwide in 2012.

“Mobile marketing is non-intrusive, giving the consumer total control over their communication with marketers, which is just how they like it,” said van der Neut.  “Mobile also allows consumers to engage with their favorite brands in a way that is much more accessible, convenient and immediate, which can increase consumer loyalty significantly.”

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