Texting Now #1 Form of Communication: 3 Rules for Using It for Business

text messageAccording to the Mobile Marketing Association, texting is now the most used form of consumer communication – not surprising when you consider that mobile device sales exceeded PC sales over two years ago and has only been growing.

Texting can be a powerful means of connecting with customers, too, if you know how to use it right for business; here are 3 rules to follow:

1.  Know your target market.  Texting works best when it is permission-based and provides prospects with something of value that they want or need.  Before you start texting to your database, you need to segment it and tailor the communication to the customer.

2.  Make it personal.  Batch messaging is a thing of the past; SMS messaging has a far greater impact if it is personalized and contains relevant content.

3.  Tie in to other platforms.  Tie your messaging in to other platforms where your customers are – social media, email, etc. – since consumers access multiple platforms every day.  This way, you can “touch” them more than just once with the same message.

An automotive marketing CRM system helps you segment your customer database by his or her preferences, and provides you with the ability to deliver personalized, targeted messaging to each customer’s mobile device.

uNotifi’s automotive marketing CRM software helps dealers gain a deeper understanding of their customers and target relevant marketing messages directly to them, utilizing the technologies they prefer. It is marketing on the customer’s terms, and the dealer who engages in this form of new marketing will reap the rewards.