Personalized Information Page (PiP)


Customer Retention is about creating loyal customers. Using coupons, discounts and providing great customer service will bring customers back to you, but giving them more reasons to utilize you — and only you — takes more than coupons.

uNotifi’s CARS program (Customer Appreciation Rewards System) will allow you to move to more than just coupons for customer loyalty. Customers value the points they’ve earned and don’t want to lose them. Having an easy to use and easy to manage point system will keep your customers coming back to you.

uNotifi helps dealers manage customer relations through a Personalized Information Page (PiP) that provides customers with access to all the service history records for their vehicle.

The PiP is available to your customers 24/7 via the Internet, widget or as an iPhone application. At a glance, customers will be able to see what vehicles are due for maintenance and what key services – tires, battery, brakes, maintenance – require immediate attention.

The PiP is feature-rich and allows customers to make an appointment, access interactive and mobile coupons, update their vehicle mileage, get directions to the dealer from their current location, select their preferred communication method, and much more.

uNotifi’s system requires no effort from the dealership staff. It runs seamlessly behind the scenes and deposit the allocated points into the customer’s system. Points can be used for future service or can be applied as a dollar amount toward a new vehicle purchase.

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