Intelligent Offers

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Intelligent offers go hand-in-hand with persistent use of predictive analytics, modeling of customer behavior, and automation of customer data management practices. It is an ongoing process of learning and adjusting offers – the more we learn about customers’ behavior, the better we are able to provide them with relevant offers.

For example:

Customer value driven coupon – provides customers with offers based on their value to the enterprise, e.g., in the case of discounts to a customer, provides a Tier 4 customer a larger discount than a Tier 1 customer. Tier 4 customers tend to be your coupon shoppers and less loyal customers while Tier 1 customers tend to be loyal and frequent visitors and spenders at the dealership.

Tiered offers based on the customer distance from the dealership – offers customers who live further away a larger discount than those who live nearby.

Tiered offers based on response – if a customer does not respond within an expected period of time, a dealer can send them another offer with a deeper discount. For example, a service department’s first offer to a customer may be $29.95 for an OLF. If the customer does not respond within 14 days, another offer at a lower price is sent out.

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