How Marketing Has Gone Mobile

iphone in pocketAccording to comScore, a leading digital usage measurement company, 134 million Americans own smartphones, up 8% in the last three months.  As smartphone usage continues to grow, mobile marketing is the fastest growing marketing discipline.  A recent Google study on Understanding the Mobile Consumer shows why:

  • 66% of smartphone users access the Internet daily
  • 94% have searched for local information and 90% have taken action as a result
  • 97% use smartphones at home, 83% use them on the go and 78% use them in-store
  • 96% use smartphones to search for information on a product or service
  • 76% watch video on their smartphones
  • 80% use smartphones to visit a social network
  • 62% make purchases on a smartphone at least once a month
  • 66% have performed a mobile search after seeing an ad
  • 89% of smartphone users notice mobile ads
  • Texting is the most common usage of mobile technology

Automotive marketing CRM systems that feature mobile marketing tools like uNotifi’s Communicator helps dealers and service centers capitalize on new sales opportunities and enhance customer relationships.

This innovative application was designed specifically to allow service advisors to notify customers in real time about when their car is ready, when a special order part has arrived or if customer approval is needed for additional service.

Using uNotifi Communicator, service advisors can text a customer about the status of their vehicle repair or request approval for any additional service. The customer can respond immediately, with no time wasted playing telephone-tag.

Another powerful component of the uNotifi Communicator is the Opportunities feature – a daily work plan for service advisors and sales departments that displays sales opportunities in the Communicator Dashboard (service past due, service contract expiration, etc.) so texts can be sent to individual customers.

In addition, the uNotifi Communicator provides service advisors with a text alert when a customer walks into the dealership, enabling them to greet the customer and engage them about any other vehicle service needs.

uNotifi Communicator turns text messages into turbochargers for service department efficiency while increasing sales and customer loyalty.