Data Segmentation

networking 2

At the core of uNotifi’s Software as a Service (SaaS) is data intelligence, the execution of timely and relevant messages, and providing customers with useful real time information that is available 24/7. It is structured as a complete marketing support and communications program, with integrated online and interactive components that help you understand customer buying behavior so you can offer relevant marketing messages that resonate with consumers.

uNotifi imports customer and vehicle history data and processes it through a purification procedure that includes:

  • Parsing the data.
  • National Change of Address (NCOA) and CASS certification – consumers and dealers frequently enterdata into their system inaccurately. The address standardization is done to improve the matching of address. By using standardized addresses, we improve our internal matching and are able to execute geographic maps or select with improved accuracy.
  • Remove duplicates.
  • Filter out employees, fleet, mileage range, ZIP codes, etc.
  • Build customer history record – to understand a customer’s behavior, you need to understand acustomer’s interaction with the dealer. The implementation of creating a master customer information record, and details identifying the time, type, and transaction with the dealer allows us to add greater value to your communications.
  • Household data – this helps you better understand customer behavior and customer value, and enables uNotifi to communicate with the household or the individual vehicle.

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