Customer Appreciation Rewards System (CARS)

gift bowuNotifi’s Customer Appreciation Rewards System (CARS) is a points and rewards system that is delivered through a customer’s Personal Information Page (PIP) that we customize exclusively for your dealership.  This becomes a rich portal for you to communicate directly with your customers, offering them rewards and providing notifications of service needed or parts delivery.

Similar to traditional reward type programs, customers are rewarded for certain actions, like referring a friend or making a purchase at the dealer. These accumulated points can be used toward the purchase of parts and accessories or service. Through the use of technology, there are no cards to carry or receipts to keep track of – the process is simple, engaging, and easy to use.

uNotifi creates a Personalized Information Page for every customer in your data base. This valuable tool for your customer allows them to easily update their vehicle mileage, check their service history, read their dealership communications, save their dealership coupons and view service and maintenance videos.

uNotifi’s Personal Information Page is available to your customers 24/7 on their PC or through our exclusive iPhone App, giving the customer all the information they need, when they need it, any time day or night.

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