CRM-Driven Personalized Emails Perform Better Than Bulk Emails

Personalized promotional and triggered emails deliver stronger open and click rates than their non-personalized counterparts, and also generate higher transaction rates and revenue per email, according to Experian Marketing Services in a new study. For promotional mailings, emails with personalized subject lines had an average open rate of 19.5%, compared to 15.1% for those without personalization.


For triggered emails, those with the subject line personalized had an average open rate of 29.2%, about 25% higher than the rate for those without personalization (23.3%).

As for unique click rates, personalized emails outperformed their counterparts for both promotional emails (3.2% vs. 2.3%) and triggered emails (6.7% vs. 4.4%).

The Experian study also finds personalization providing a significant lift in transaction rates and revenue per email:

  • For promotional mailings, transaction rates were 7 times higher (0.35% vs. 0.05%), while for triggered mailings, they were more than twice as large (0.62% vs. 0.25%); and
  • For promotional mailings, revenue per email was more than 6 times higher ($0.26 vs. $0.04), and for triggered messages, they were 63% higher ($0.31 vs. $0.19).

For the automotive sector, uNotifi provides dealers with the ability to deliver personalized messages and offers directly to select segments of a dealer’s customer base via text message and email to promote monthly or seasonal events, weather-related campaigns, factory mandated campaigns or any other service campaigns that a dealership wishes to conduct.